Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RMT & TSSA Merger

Circular No: MF/13/13
Our Ref: 0/5/1

31st January 2013

To: The Secretary

Dear colleague

RMT & TSSA Merger

Arising from Council of Executives’ Decision No. CE503, 29th August 2012, I wrote to the TSSA and advised that the Union would only be interested in a Federation, subject to our Council of Executives agreeing the terms of reference, if its ultimate aim and objective is to have a merger between TSSA and RMT. A copy of this letter was enclosed with Circular No. MF/83/12.

The attached response was received from the TSSA and was placed before the Council of Executives on 12th October 2012. The matter was referred to the Organisation, Training and Education Sub-Committee who submitted the following report:

​“That we have received the letter from TSSA who have stated they do not see the ​federation as a stepping stone towards a merger between our Unions.

​The General Secretary is to write to TSSA and reaffirm our position that we want one ​industrial union in the Transport Industry and our door is open for talks with the TSSA to ​achieve part of this aim.

​The letter and the letter from the TSSA to be send to all Branches and Regional ​Councils.

The Council of Executives noted and adopted the above report under Decision No. CEww, 22nd November 2012. In line with this decision, I have written to the TSSA and have attached a copy of this letter for your reference.

Yours sincerely

B. Crow
General Secretary

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