Wednesday, March 30, 2016










Circular No: IR/0088/16




Our Ref: BR2/14/2


30th March 2016


Dear Colleague,




I have recently received disturbing reports from our Waterloo Branch regarding the above matter. South West Trains have repeatedly refused to meet with our elected representatives which are clearly outlined by the company’s 1996 procedures. Additionally, I am deeply concerned as to why the company have decided inflame the situation by meeting with another union to discuss rosters for rail operators when the other union has no recognition or collective bargaining. 


South West Trains have repeatedly received requests and correspondence asking management to engage in dialogue to resolve this matter. The most recent correspondence was sent by the Lead Officer to the Director, highlighting the breakdown in industrial relations and requesting a meeting to resolve the matter was deliberately ignored in an LDC meeting by the local manager in front of the other union. This situation has now been intensified by the company’s blatant refusal to resolve this issue, which has only caused unrest amongst our members. Our members are clearly outraged at the disgraceful behaviour of local management and we demand immediate action to resolve this issue.


Accordingly, I have now informed the company that we are currently in a dispute situation and unless serious progress is made our Rail Operator (Platform) Members located at Waterloo will be balloted for strike action and action short of strike. We must send a clear message to SWT that we are totally opposed to the company’s clear lack of cooperation and will not be ignored or go away quietly. 


I would be grateful if you could please bring this circular to the attention of your members.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash 

General Secretary



Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reduction in the Working Week Guards/Commercial Guards– South West Trains







To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils


Circular No IR/049/16


3rd March 2016


Our Ref: BR2/0004



Dear Colleague


Reduction in the Working Week Guards/Commercial Guards– South West Trains


Further to my Circular No IR/304/15 dated the 10th December2015 with regards to the above matter, I can now advise you that a further meeting has been held with our SWT Guards Company Council Representatives and SWT management to discuss the issue of a reduced working week. Following conclusion of these talks, the company acknowledged that a 42 hour working week is no longer viable and needs to be reviewed. Furthermore, it was agreed that additional meetings will be held to discuss the following three items:


• To jointly look at different options for a revised proposal
• Produce stage steps that show how progression of reducing hours may be achieved.
• Keep the deal as simple as possible.


The matter has been subject to recent consideration by the union’s National Executive Committee who notes the position and has taken the decision to produce suitable material with comparators for our SWT LDC Guard Representatives to help assist in future talks with management.


At the time of writing, I can advise you that the union has received some of these comparators and are currently looking at ways to include the holiday entitlements in the data. Once I have received all of the requested information I will produce the necessary pamphlets for distribution to our affected members.


In the meantime, I would be most grateful if you could bring the content of this circular to the attention of all your SWT Guard members and I will, of course, keep you fully advised on any further developments.


Best wishes.


Mick Cash

General Secretary