Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dear Colleague

To advise that the meeting point for the joint protest for Public Ownership on the 31st March 2015 at Waterloo station is as below, for those who are attending this venue, could you please bring Regional/Branch banners and flags with you so we can ensure that the general public see a colourful and clear message from the RMT that we want a publicly owned railway.

Meeting Point 

Venue: Waterloo Main Station
Location: Exit 5 (Opposite old Eurostar International Terminal)
Time: 07-30am 
Duration: 07-30am - 09-30am 
Date: 31st March 2015

Friday, March 6, 2015

Rates of Pay and Conditions of Service 2015 - Network Rail






Our Ref BR6/0001

Circular No IR/64/15

6th March 2015




Dear Colleagues




We will shortly be sending referendum papers to all Network Rail members in Operations, Maintenance, Customer Services and Bands 5 to 8 staff over the company’s current pay offerWe are recommending members vote NO to reject theseproposals which we believe fall well short of our member’saspirations. Below you will find a summary of the offer,: -


• 2015 - A 0% increase in pay.
• 2016, 2017, 2018 - An RPI level of inflation increase in pay would be applied for each year. 
• The “No Compulsory Redundancy” commitment would be extended until 31st December 2015. 
• Network Rail will provide an annual National Rail Card giving a 33% reduction in off peak travel for employees, their friends and family. 


As far as we are concerned 0% in 2015 is a pay cut as members’ pay will not keep up with the cost of living. The Travel card offer is nothing more than a card that can be purchased by any member of the travelling public, falling well short of our demand of free travel for all. In addition, we are extremely concerned that the No Compulsory Redundancy” commitment only applies to the first year of the four year deal. We believe this leaves Operations and Maintenance members extremely vulnerable, especially with the continueddevelopment of Rail Operating Centres and the ongoing budget cuts programme


Having discussed this proposal with your reps, RMT is strongly recommending members vote NO to reject this offerMembers have been advised that if the offer is rejected, this will trigger a ballot for industrial action. Voting paperswill be despatched to members from Monday 9th March 2015 with a closing date of Tuesday 24th March 2015. If you are aware of any member who has not received their voting papers by Tuesday 17th March 2015 please ask them contact us as soon as possible so that one can be sent out to them.


Late Update: We have just received a letter from Network Rail advising that they are aware we are conducting a referendum on the offer with a recommendation to reject. They advise that if the offer is rejected, the current offer will come off the table.


Regardless of the last ditch intervention from Network Rail, we will continue with the referendum and allow members to decide through the democratic process on how the union proceedsOur recommendation, which was determined following detailed discussions with our Area Council reps, remains that members should vote NO to reject the offer. 


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash 

General Secretary