Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sean Hoyle (RMT Executive Member is in attendance at the Branch on the 28th July 2011)

To advise that Sean Hoyle (RMT Wessex Region Executive Member) is in attendance at the Branch meeting on the 28th July 2011...Sean will be updating the Branch on issues that are being dealt with at this level.

Also will be available to take questions from Branch Members

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Telephone Lines Unity House

Dear all

Please be advised that BT have now repaired the fault and the telephones at Unity House are now working.

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Unity House: Temporary Phone lines

Unity House: Temporary Phonelines

Due to continuing problems with RMT telephone lines, BT have provided a number of mobile phones which have been allocated to each department at Unity House.

While the main switchboard number (020 7387 4771) is diverted to an additional mobile, the switchboard will be unable to transfer calls and will provide the caller with the number for the relevant department.

The numbers are:

  • Industrial Relations...07918 778498
  • Membership...07918 778164
  • Finance...07918 674146
  • Personnel & Constitution...07918 693444
  • Press/Communications...07918 674157
  • National Policy...07918 767901
  • South East Regional Office...07918 77867
  • Private Secretary...07918 778456

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Circular No. NP/107/11/MC

15th June 2011

H.O. Ref: R14/5



Dear Members,



June 2011

The Office of National Statistics has just published new inflation figures for the twelve months to May 2011.

The Retail Price Index (RPI) for this twelve monthly period is 5.2%, unchanged from the previous figure of 5.2% for the twelve months to April 2011.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is 4.5% for the twelve months to May 2011. This is unchanged from the figure for the twelve months to April 2011.

The largest upward pressures on the level of CPI inflation came from:

  • alcohol and tobacco with the effect coming from wine and beer partially offset by spirits. Prices, overall, of wine and beer rose this year but fell a year ago, particularly for new world wine and lager. Whisky and vodka prices were the main causes of the downward contribution from spirits
  • miscellaneous goods and services where prices, overall, rose by 0.6 per cent between April and May this year compared with an increase of 0.2 per cent between the same two months a year ago. The upward effect principally came from appliances and products for personal care

The next publication date will be 12th July 2011.

In pay submissions the RMT will continue to emphasise that your financial commitments have increased at a much greater rate than inflation and your living standards have suffered as a result.

Recent non-RMT settlements

Company /Sector


Effective From

SKF Bearings

· 4% increase to basic pay

1 Jan 2011

Colt Telecom

· 2% increase to basic pay

1 Jan 2011

Housing 21

· 1% increase to basic pay

1 Apr 2011

Recent RMT Settlements



Effective From



  • An increase in annual leave entitlement to 25 days per annum with immediate effect in 2011.
  • A one-year increase in the loyalty bonus of £150 to £425.78. This will apply between 1st April 2011 and 31st March 2012 only.

1 Apr 2011


· A basic rate increase of 3% for all employees covered by Procedure Agreement 1 (General Collective Bargaining). This is subject to the following conditions:-

Working Away From Home

In the first instance, the Company will seek volunteers where working away from home is required. It is expected the existing level of flexibility should resolve most problems. However, in the event there are insufficient volunteers, this will be resolved via discussion with recognised trade unions.

Pay Interval

All remaining staff that are on full-time employment contracts and currently paid weekly to be paid on a 4-weekly basis as per normal arrangements. The Company will offer the appropriate financial support to allow this small number of employees affected to make the adjustment to 4-weekly pay.

Terms and Conditions

The Company and Trade Unions will agree an appropriate method for transferring former staff of Jarvis and Carillion and current staff in Plant and Workshop Supervisor grades to standard Babcock Rail terms and conditions of employment. It is recognised that while this transfer will be subject to a positive ballot within each work group, it is a mutual benefit to the Company and the Trade Unions that such a transfer should take place and that every effort will be made to achieve this outcome.

1 Apr 2011

Colas Rail

Two Year Pay Deal

· 1st April 2010: 1.5% increase on all base wages

· 1st January 2011: 0.5% increase on all base wages

· 1st April 2011: 2.0% increase on all base wages


1 Apr 2010

Network Rail

Network Rail Operations and Customer Services, Project and Engineering Support Staff and National Functions.

Year One

A 5.2% increase (November 2010 RPI + 0.5%)

Year Two

An increase of November 2011 RPI + 0.5%, with effect from 1st January 2012.

General Summary

An improvement in travel subsidy facilities to 75%, with a maximum subsidy value of £2250 on all applications from the 1st July 2011 onwards.

Olympics Arrangements Summary (Copy attached)

· An Olympic premium payment of £3.50 per hour for staff whose duties are affected beyond the normal requirements of their job during the Olympics period.

· In certain locations where meal availability is restricted, appropriate meal provision will be made, or Network Rail

shall provide a meal allowance of £5 paid net of tax.

· Furthermore the union has agreed dispute management

procedures for the period of the Olympics and Paralympics.

· RMT will participate in an Olympics working group which will discuss the Olympics arrangements in terms of staffing levels, health and safety and explain and discuss the company’s overall plans. More detail can be found in the attached document.

1 Jan 2011

Train Operating Companies & Freight Operating Companies

National Express Baron House Contact Centre Staff

· A one-off payment of £100 (net of tax) to all full time staff with pro rata for part-time staff.


First Capital Connect

Year One

· Salaries together with dynamic allowances will be increased by 5.5%

Year Two

· Salaries together with dynamic allowances to be increased by 3% or February 2012 RPI whichever is greater from Sunday 1st April 2012.

· Revenue Protection Staff on the GN line of route will be eligible to receive the attendance allowance on the same terms as the allowance is applied to Station Staff on the GN line of route. This allowance will replace the existing revenue protection bonus scheme. The allowance will be dynamic and will be increased in line with the salary review uplift this year. The full year increase available to each member of the Revenue Team will be up to £137.56 taking cognisance of this year’s pay uplift rate. It will be paid pro rata until 31st December and then will be paid on a calendar year basis.

· Revenue Control Officers at Luton Airport Parkway who are rostered permanent night shift will receive an allowance of £6.75 per shift and this amount will be back dated to 1st November 2010.

· The current attendance allowance paid to Revenue Protection Team (excluding RCOs) on the TL line of route will become dynamic with effect from this year.

· An undertaking was given to the Pay Review Committee to consider whether there was any scope for bringing together the terms and conditions of Revenue Protection Staff working on the TL and GN lines of route.

· In addition to these matters it was agreed that the use of agency staff will be a standing item on the quarterly Customer Services and Revenue Protection Consultation Committees.

· First Capital Connect will undertake to pursue with a medical provider, voluntary health checks such as blood pressure, cholesterol level and weight checks.

3 Apr 2011

Workshop & Train Maintenance


· An increase of 4% to basic pay, no strings attached.

1 Apr 2011

Bombardier Derby

Year One

  • A 2% increase on the basic rate of pay for Manufacturing Staff, Manufacturing Staff Team Leaders and Manufacturing Staff Trainers. This award to be backdated to 1st January 2011.

Year Two

  • A 2% increase on the basic rate of pay for Manufacturing Staff, Manufacturing Staff Team Leaders and Manufacturing Staff Trainers. This award to be effective from 1st January 2012. Plus a further 1% should a contract be signed to supply Thameslink, also awarded from 1st January 2012.

1 Jan 2011

Bus & Road Transport

Stagecoach Eastmidlands, Mansfield & Worksop Drivers

Year One

2nd May 2011

  • All duties scheduled to take a bus out of depot will be paid 10 minutes to clearly show the first use check.
  • All duties will attract an additional 5 minutes paid allowance at the end of the duty for paying in.

20th November 2011

  • Grade 1 rate will increase by 15p per hour to £8.85.
  • It should be noted that the paid allowances are in addition to the present arrangements where the time for the task was consolidated into the current rates of pay.

Year Two

7th May 2012

  • Grade 1 rate increased by a further 10p per hour to £8.95.

19th November 2012

  • Grade 1 rate increased by a further 10p per hour to £9.05.
  • The next pay review would then be due in May 2013.

2 May 2011

Bournemouth Transport

Year One

· An increase of 2.7% in all applicable rates

Year Two

· A further increase of 2.3% in all applicable rates from 1st May 2012.

1 May 2011



  • A 2.5% increase on basic rates of pay.
  • An additional quarterly bonus payment at 100% which equates to approximately £125 per person.

1 Apr 2011

Yours sincerely,


Bob Crow

General Secretary

Monday, June 13, 2011



13th June 2011



Rail union RMT this morning demanded an end to job cuts at South West Trains after the union revealed that another 48 customer service staff are being axed - just days after staff shortages compounded the chaos of the breakdown of services into Waterloo last Thursday evening.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said;

"Just days after staff shortages compounded the chaos of the service breakdowns into Waterloo we can reveal that another 48 customer service staff are due to be axed by South West Trains. We are demanding that those cuts be stopped with immediate effect.

"This is simply about profit taking and company greed - the most recent half year results showed profits of more than £100 million but even that doesn't seem to be enough for the newly be-knighted Sir Brian Souter, whose Stagecoach outfit hold the South West Thames route. Passengers caught in the chaos last week will be rightly outraged.

"We are also demanding an end to the McNulty Review threat to axe guards on all trains. Every report from last Thursday praised the role of the SW Trains guard and the idea that those staff should be next for the chop in the dash to fatten up profits is simply outrageous.

"We want this assault on safety-critical staff posts on South West Trains to brought to a halt right now."


Further information: Geoff Martin 0207 255 9146 or 07831 465 103