Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Dear colleagues,

Those of you who are RMT members and find yourselves with some spare time over the holidays may like to help road test RMT Junction – the union’s social networking website which is to be officially launched next month.

You can register at with your RMT membership number and National Insurance number.

The ideas is to give RMT members a place to meet online to discuss workplace and other issues in a secure environment. If you need help with things then drop me a line any time over the holidays and I will get back to you to explain the functions etc.

Chris Kasrils
RMT Web Editor
020 7529 8880

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Select Service Partner Workers (Membership Fees)

It has been agreed by the RMT that all Select Service Partner workers who join the RMT will only pay £1.00 per week, the RMT has recognised that the SSP workers are on low pay and after discussions within the Unions Organisation this was agreed.
The Waterloo Branch activists will be at Waterloo 3 days every month within 2010, and this is to speak and liase with SSP workers and to ensure they are protected by the RMT........

If any SSP worker wishes to join the RMT please contact myself Mobile: 07956 555 292 e-mail: join on line or call on freephone 0800-376-3706


TRAIN DRIVER Alex Gordon has been elected to serve as the President of RMT, Britain’s biggest specialist transport union, for the coming three years.

In the postal ballot that closed today Bristol-based Alex, who will take up office in January, beat four other candidates and replaces John Leach, a London Underground worker whose term of office ends at the close of the year.

RMT’s President is the most senior lay official in the union, whose responsibility is to uphold the union’s rulebook and to preside over meetings of the union’s executive bodies, including the sovereign annual general meeting.

“Alex Gordon is a highly respected RMT activist who has served his union at all levels, from the all-important local rep to the union’s executive, and I know he will make an excellent President,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Following on from the launch and sucess of The Battle For Waterloo on the 27th November 2009 for the recruitment and Retention for the Waterloo Branch area, and as advised this will be a continous Activity and this will be done throughout 2010, and the dates for this are as below, could you please let me know as to which dates you would be available so teams can be set up for the days below......also to confirm loss of earnings will be paid for the days you attend.....

Dates for 2010

26th January 23rd February 23rd March 27th April 25th May 22nd June 27th July
27th January 24th February 24th March 28th April 26th May 23rd June 28th July
28th January*25th February* 25th March* 29th April* 27th May* 24th June* 29th July*

24th August 28th September 26th October 23rd November 21st December
25th August 29th September 27th October 24th November 22nd December
26th August* 30th September* 28th October* 25th November* 23rd December*

*Branch meeting after the Recruitment Activity....the meeting point on these dates will be at Waterloo under the Main Station clock at 11-00am

I look forward to hearing from you in regards this, and also would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Xmas and a Happy 2010


Friday, December 4, 2009

Battle For Waterloo (Launch)

To advise that the over 30 Activists from all over the Country met at Waterloo on the 27th November 2009 for the Launch of Battle of Waterloo for Recruitment and Retention activity, the activists covered all areas at Waterloo these included SWT/Select Service Partners/Network Rail/London Taxis

This Union has agreed to reduce the membership costs for Select Service Partners to £1.00 per week this is due to these groups of staff being on low pay and this Union wants to recruit and Organise these staff.
5 Members of the executive along with 2 Regional Organisers were involved in this activity along with Bob Crow in attendance where several photos were taken throughout the day.
Bob Crow addressed the Branch and stated how important it was to recruit and organise staff within Select Service partners so that this Union can improve their working conditions and improve their low rates of pay.
Further activity will take place in 2010 where we will arrange for teams of activists around the Waterloo Branch area, these dates to be confirmed.

Myself and Alan Potage Recruitment Co-ordinator would like to thank all for the hard work put in on the day, and we would like to put on record this is only the start of the activity we will continue this in the weeks and monthes to come.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Battle Of Waterloo (Recruitment Launch)

Hi All

I am writing to you to advise you that myself and the RMT's Organising Unit Co-Ordinator
Alan Pottage have been metting and we are putting together a Recruitment plan together to target the Branches area this includes Clapham Junction to Waterloo and this has been named the Battle for Waterloo, and the purpose of this is to Recruit all areas of staff where we are at a low point of membership and this includes SWT all Grades, Select Service Partners, Network Rail and Black Taxi's.......

Also this Union is promoting our Young Members within our Organisation and give them the help they need to both Recruit and Organise areas within this Branch.

On the 27th November 2009 a huge Recruitment activity will take place and we need activists help to make this work, the plan of this is as below, and i would appreciatte if you can let me know if you can be available on this day..

12-00pm Meet at Waterloo Station under Main Station Clock (Activists to be split in to Groups of areas to cover) this will be co-ordinated by myself and Alan Pottage

14-55pm assemble at Body Shop Outlet on Concourse

15-00pm Bob Crow (General Secretary) will arrive and a photo shoot will take place with all activists at a location within Waterloo Station to be confirmed.

15-25pm All Activists and the General Secretary to make there way to Waterloo Branch Meeting at the Hole in The Wall Public House where Bob Crow will address the Branch and further pictures will be taken at the Branch Meeting.

If you are available on the 27th November to take part in this important activity can you please advise us on the details below as soon as possible, if you are booked to work on this day and wish to attend could you either seek release from the Company, if this is declined then we will pay loss of earnings for you to attend this important event, also i have ordered Branch T-Shirts and Clothing for you to wear whilst carrying out this activity and this will be with me within 2 weeks...and issued to you

When you arrive at Waterloo at 12-00 you will be issued a Map of Waterloo Concourse which will identify the areas we will be covering and a copy of the Battle for Waterloo program which highlight all the points that are going to be covered,on the day you will also be issued Recruitment materials and goodies in a Waterloo Branch Rucksack for you to use for this activity also all the information that you require for this activity.

I will be writing to you to confirm all of the above and the last finalised details before the above date.

Also attending this Launch will be members of the Council of Executives and your area Regional Organiser and Relief Organiser and they will be on hand to help you with this activity.

This activity will be taking place 3 days of every month of 2010 and this will be co-ordinated with the RMT's Organising Unit and dates of this will be advertised in the Battle for Waterloo Program.

Myself and Alan are meeting on a regular bases prior to the 27th November to ensure everything is in place, and you will be brought up to speed on all of this.

If you require further information or guidance on this can you please contact myself Rickey Goodman Mobile 07956 555 292 e-mail or Alan Pottage Mobile: 07734 088 305 e-mail:

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you on the 27th November...

Thanking you

Saturday, October 31, 2009


To advise that the RMT General Secretary will be attending Waterloo Branch Meeting on Friday 27th November 2009, Bob Crow will be addressing the Branch on National Issues that are being dealt with by this Union, and this is the opportunity to have your chance to put your issues forward to the Leader of this Union.

Prior to the Branch Meeting Bob Crow will be attending Waterloo Station at around 15-00pm on Friday 27th November 2009, and the purpose of this is to promote our Young Members that we have within this Branch and also to Organise a Campaign on Recruiting the Companies that we Represent within this Union and these include Select Service Partners/Network Rail/ South West Trains......there will be more details on this issue as soon as possible.
At 12-00pm on this day at Waterloo Station where there will be activity on recruitment on the Companies as above ....and if there are any Waterloo Branch Activists that are available on this day could they please contact me as soon as possible for further details either by Mobile: 07824 410 568 e-mail:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

RMT National President Candidate

As you are all aware the Waterloo Branch nominated Alex Gordon as a candidate for the RMT National President position, to advise that Ballot papers to vote will be sent out to RMT Members home addresses on Week Commencing Monday 19th October 2009.

If you are a member and do not receive a Ballot paper please contact RMT Head Office Freephone on 0800 376 3706 e-mail: or contact the Branch Secretary on 07824 410 568 e-mail:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

National President Attending Waterloo Branch

On the 29th October the RMT National President John Leach is attending Waterloo Branch, John will be addressing the Branch on National Issues that this Union is dealing with.

This is John's last term as National President of this Union, and if you can come along to the Branch to wish him all the best for the future.

Pat Sikorski Presents Membership Award

At the Last Branch Meeting on the 24th September Pat Sikorski (Assistant General Secretary) was in attendance and presented one our members with a 10 year Membership Badge.

Pat said it was an honour to present this badge and said what a commitement it was to the member for his loyality to the RMT.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rail Union Learning Rep

To advise that Waterloo Branch has nominated Deborah Rios-Alonso as a Rail Union Learning Representative, Deborah can be contacted on the details below, to also advise that Mark Manwearing is the RMT Lead Rail Union Rep and Mark can be contacted on the details below:

Deborah Rios-Alonso
Mobile: 07960 074 022

Mark Manwearing
Mobile: 07956 569 921

Monday, September 14, 2009

Waterloo Branch Recruitment Committee

To advise following the recruitment exercise covered in the Waterloo Branch area last week, which was a sucess, we will be looking at setting up a permanent recruitment plan for this area, and a committee to be set up at the next Branch Meeting to enable for this to be a sucess.

A Recruitment plan is in the process of being put together, if you are interested in participating in this important exercise please contact me or come along to a Branch Meeting, so we can arrange dates and also provide you with the necessary tools for the job ie Recruitment materials.

Assistant General Secretary Pat Sikorski is attending Waterloo Branch

To advise Pat Sikorski (Assistant General Secretary) will be attending the Branch meeting on the 24th September, Pat will be updating members on National Issues that he deals with and will also be available to take questions from members and will be presenting long service membership badges also.

Motion Sent To Head Office

I am writing to you in regards a Waterloo Branch meeting that took place on the 27th August 2009, where a motion was carried through the Branch and the motion is as below.

“We the Waterloo Branch are concerned about the Cleaning levels both on the Trains that South West Trains operate within the network, and also the cleaning that is maintained within all areas at Waterloo Station, this being that a reduction of staff on both Trains and on Stations is causing cleaning not to be carried out at a high level, and feel that Health and Safety is being neglected especially in light of the Swine Flu academic and also a potential Fire Risk with the amount of rubbish being left and not cleaned on Trains”

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Demonstation-Uskmouth Power Station....

Brothers and Sisters,

Please excuse the general nature of this email, but please note the attached email
re: a demonstration taking place this coming Monday morning, at 6AM, at Uskmouth Power Station, Newport, South Wales.

The demonsration has been organised in response to the construction industry breaking long-standing agreements with the Unions - many of you will remember the similar situation at Lindsey Oil Refinery erlier this year.

I know that it is short notice, but if any of you are able to come along and offer support, it would be fantastic to see you. Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you are able to come but need directions, etc. Very limited accomodation (i.e. sleeping bags on the floor!!) can be arranged at Chez Harrison for anyone that wants to travel to South Wales on Sunday afternoon / evening to attend the protest on Monday morning.

I'll be taking my VW camper (rapidly becoming known as the RMT Cymru Battle Bus!!) to the protest on Monday morning, so there will room available for people that need a lift on a first come, first served basis.Please do bring this to the attention of your Branch members.

If we can get some RMT banners there to support our colleagues in the construction industry, i know it will be very much appreciated.

All the very best to you all as always,Greg Harrison Secretary - RMT Cardiff Rail (0294) Branch 118 Court Road Grangetown Cardiff CF11 6SE

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Waterloo Branch Give Alex Gordon Supporting Nomination for National President

To advise following the Branches meeting on the 27th August 2009, the Waterloo Branch Members have decided to give the Supporting Nomination to Alex Gordon.

More information to follow in relation to Ballot Papers being sent out to members.

Friday, August 21, 2009

2009 Pay Award

To advise all members that your Negotiators will be entering into Pay Talks very soon for the October 2009 Pay award.

It would be of use if members can come along to the Branch to put forward your ideas that you wish for your negotiators to put forward on your behalf at these meetings.

Pete Gale will be in attendance at the Branch Meeting on the 27th August 2009, and will take your views on the October 2009 pay Talks...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review of Local Staff Reps Constituences (Retail)

:Sent to all Local Reps of the mentioned grades
:Copied to all Branch Secretaries



Dear Colleagues


You will be aware I hope that due to the reorganisation within South West Trains we have had to reorganise some of the local reps constituencies.

This has been agreed with the company and I enclose a copy of the agreed local staff representative’s constituencies with grades and activities within retail company council. As part of this re-negotiation it was agreed with South West Trains that we would re-advertise all of the positions within these areas. That does mean that sitting local representatives who wish to continue in their role will have to re-apply with immediate effect.

I can only apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause but I do feel that it will be necessary, to start us off on the correct footing as regards to the re-organisation within the company. Any existing representative or indeed any member of the RMT who wishes to stand as a local representative, should with immediate effect see their local manager to obtain a nomination form. This must be completed as appropriate and returned as quickly as possible. If I can be of any assistance in this regard then please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Yours sincerely

Pete Gale

Regional Organiser
Wessex Division
Mobile: 07946 386 762

Saturday, August 8, 2009

10 Year Membership Badge Presentation

At the last Waterloo Branch Meeting Alex Gordon (RMT Council Of Executive Member and potential candidate for the National President position) presented one of our Branch members with a 10 Year Membership badge.

Alex said that it was an honour to present this badge which represents how much loyality is shown to our Union.

Supporting Nomination

Following the Waterloo Branch meeting on the 30th July 2009, the Branch have nominated:

Brian Whitehead for the RMT Relief Regional Organisers Position (South)

Waterloo Branch New Venue

The Waterloo Branch has now found a new Home to hold its Branch Meetings, and the Venue detail is as below and the Venue Information will be be a permanent fixture on this site on the left hand site:

Hole in the Wall Public House

3 minutes walk from Waterloo Main Station (Exit 5 from the Station and is in Mepham Street opposite station.

Time 15-30pm (4th Thursday every Month)

(Picture to the left)

Wessex Area Recruitment Week

The Wessex Regional Council have put a plan together for Recruitment throughout the Region, the Waterloo Area will be covered on the dates below.

If any Activists are available to attend on these dates to carry out this very important exercise could you please contact me as soon as possible:

Monday 07th September 2009

Friday 11th September 2009

Time: TBC

Meeting Point: Waterloo Station (Main Station Clock Opposite Platform 11)

Special Guest at Waterloo Branch

To advise the RMT Wessex Regional Organiser Pete Gale will be attending the Branch meeting on the 27th August 2009, Pete will be addressing the Branch on Companies he Represents including South West Trains/Network Rail and Select Service Partners.

Pete will be also available to present the 10 and 25 Year RMT Membership Badges and will be available to take questions from our members present at the Meeting.
Welcome to the New Waterloo Branch Blog, as it has only just opened information will be placed on this site as soon as possible.

Please contact me if you would like to see other information that you as the member require on this site.