Monday, October 27, 2014

Assistant General Secretary Nomination

Waterloo Branch Member

To advise that at the branch meeting on the 23rd October 2013 the branch has the pleasure of giving Alan Pottage the branch nomination for the vacant Assistant General Secretary post, Alan was our candidate that we supported for the General Secretary election where he achieved 2nd in the voting 
with over 4,000 votes.

The branch will be supporting Alan through the campaign and assisting him as much as we can, the ballot timetable is as below : 

Open Nominations Thursday 16th October 2014-10-16

Reminder to nominate Thursday 30th October 2014

(Deadline for circulars Saturday 15th November 2014)

Close nominations Wednesday 7th January 2015

(Deadline for election addresses Wednesday 7th January 2015)

Open individual member ballots week commencing 26th January 2015

Close Ballots First post Monday 30th March 2015


South West Trains Pay Update (2014)

There is not a great deal to report on from the meeting we had with the Company, we was briefed on how the economy is still weak, and that the talks that we will have with them will be challenging, we didn't respond to this, all 3 Trade Unions spoke on their respective pay submissions and the company have advised that they will respond accordingly.

The RMT will always campaign for a reduction in the working week for all grades that the RMT represents and forms part of the pay submission.

To advise that no % pay offer was presented by the company! and that further talks will take place with the next meeting scheduled for the 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Strike ballot opens today over victimisation and bullying of Waterloo Station cleaning staff


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October 22nd 2014



Strike ballot opens today over victimisation and bullying of Waterloo Station cleaning staff


Cleaners employed by Interserve, looking after the busy and internationally famous Waterloo Station in London, are to be balloted for strike action over a comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations relating to a whole range of fundamental issues including; 


·         the unwarranted victimisation and dismissal of RMT members


·          ignorance of basic employment rights


·          underpayment of wages


·         bullying and harassment of staff


RMT has also received reports of shocking racism by local Interserve managers that the company has refused point blank to address through agreed procedures. They include one manager telling a member of staff that in their opinion “[Interserve] should not employ black people”.


The strike ballot opens today and will close on the 4th November.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said ;


“The appalling treatment of cleaners at the busy and iconic Waterloo Station is nothing short of a disgrace and has led to a complete breakdown in industrial relations which leaves RMT with no option other than to ballot for strike action.


“These staff are doing dirty jobs in often appalling conditions and the very least that they can expect is to be treated with dignity and respect. Not only are our members being denied the most basic levels of fair treatment and workplace rights but they are being subjected to a daily regime of bullying, victimisation and harassment which includes disgraceful incidents of racist abuse.


“Interserve cannot sweep this situation under the carpet. RMT is demanding workplace justice for the cleaners at Waterloo and the union remains available for talks aimed at securing that.”





Further information


Geoff Martin 07831 465 103

                       0207 255 9146








Circular No IR/271/14



To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils



Our Ref: BR1/14/2

16th October 2014



Dear Colleagues 




Further to my previous circulars on the above matter dated 25thSeptember and 6th October 2014 (IR/250/14 and IR/264/14), in which I advised you that there has been a comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations with Interserve at Waterloo. I have previously reported that there have been several problems at Waterloo which management are refusing to address. These include the suspension of six RMT members on spurious charges, the disregard of basic employment rights, the underpayment of wages and the continued bullying and harassment in the workplace. 


I can now report that following a successful members meeting, it has been agreed that the union should pursue a ballot for strike action in order to force management to address the issues at Waterloo. Accordingly, ballot papers will be despatched to members’ home addresses on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 and the ballot will close on Tuesday 4th November 2014. I have informed Interserve that RMT remains available for talks and I hope that management will see sense and take the necessary steps to resolve this dispute. 


I will, of course, keep you fully advised of any further developments.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

General Secretary


Monday, October 13, 2014

Break down in Industrial Relations -Interserve Waterloo

The Rmt Waterloo Branch met this evening for a special meeting for our Interserve members based at Waterloo, this meeting was arranged in light of the break down of industrial relations with Interserve, we have also informed the company that we are now in dispute with them over numerous failures, and this meeting was arranged to enable the Senior Union Representatives to listen to our members concerns and what our next steps will be as a Union.

This meeting was well attending by our Interserve members and the message from them is clear enough is enough...........