Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reduction in the Working Week Guards/Commercial Guard – South West Trains







To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils


Circular No IR.304/15


10th December 2015


Our Ref: BR2/0004



Dear Colleagues,


Reduction in the Working Week Guards/Commercial Guard – South West Trains


Further to my circular IR/240/15 dated 5th October 2015, I am writing to up-date you on the latest position.


As a result to the massive rejection by our members of SWT’s proposal to reduce the Guards hours, a meeting was held with our representatives, Senior Assistant General Secretary, Lead Officer and members of the General Grades Committee. At this meeting our representatives made it clear that our Guard members were unhappy with elements of the company’s proposals were seeking significant improvements.


However, since this meeting took place the DfT has issued its consultation document for the South Western Rail franchise. Within this consultation paper is a reference to the McNulty report and its emphasis on saving money – cost cutting - this will obviously have to be a consideration for the successful bidder. This will lead to a clear attack on our members throughout SWT including the role and responsibility of the Guard.


As a result the General Grades Committee has instructed me to:-


• Seek meaningful talks with South West Trains to significantly improve the proposal with a clear timetable. If the Company fails to offer significant improvements, a report is to be placed before the General Grades Committee so that we can consider whether to ballot for industrial action.


• Organise special meetings throughout the Wessex Region to brief out the Unions position on McNulty and to obtain members aspirations for the reduction in hours.


• Set up a campaign committee with representation from the Guards depots that will carry out mapping, recruitment and retention exercise, along with producing suitable material to distribute. 


• Assist with propaganda and distributing material via emails, text and mailing out.


• Encourage members to attend the open consultation for the South Western Franchise in their relevant area.


I will be placing any further developments back before the General Grades Committee and will be advising members involved of the position.


I would be obliged if you would bring the contents of this circular to the attention of members.


Yours sincerely,



Mick Cash

General Secretary

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