Saturday, August 8, 2015

Reduction in the Working Week – Guards/Commercial Guards – South West Trains







To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils


Circular No IR.191/15





Our Ref: BR2/0004

10th August 2015



Dear Colleagues 


Reduction in the Working Week – Guards/Commercial Guards – South West Trains 


The union has been negotiating with South West Trains for a while now in an effort to reduce Guards and Commercial Guards working week from 42 hours to 35 hours. In this day and age to have a 42 hour week is just totally unacceptable.


Following long and protracted negotiations I am pleased to say that some progress has been made and we have negotiated a reduction of 2 hours making the new working week 40 hours. We will continue negotiating and fighting for a 35 hour week and there has been a commitment from SWT, should they secure the franchise, to set up a joint working group to discuss Guards terms and conditions including working hours.


The General Grades Committee has decided to hold a referendum of all our SWT Guards and Commercial Guards members on the proposals with a recommendation to accept.


LDC representatives will be available in their depots on the 17th18th and 19th August to answer any questions/concerns members may have. The voting papers and accompanying literature will be despatched on Friday 14th August so as to arrive at members’ home addresses in time for them to read the necessary literature and formulate any questions prior to the LDC representatives being available. The closing date for the referendum is Monday 7th September 2015.


I will keep you advised of developments.


Yours sincerely,



Mick Cash

General Secretary 


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