Monday, June 9, 2014

Proposed National Organising Day

TO THE SECRETARY                                                       
ALL BRANCHES                                                     

Circular No MF/59/14
9th June 2014

Dear Colleague,

      Following a resolution submitted by the Wessex Regional Council to hold an annual organising day on Bob Crow’s birthday, the union’s Council of Executives have considered the matter and have made the following decision:

            “That we note the resolution from our Wessex Regional Council and the sentiments within and commend them for their actions.

            We instruct the Acting General Secretary to write to all regions and request that they follow the Wessex example and then send a report back to the Council of Executives with a progress report on their activities.

            Branches are to be advised of the Wessex resolution and to organise activities on the13th June and feedback to their respective regions in order to continue their organising actions as part of an ongoing Regional Council Organising Plan.

            The Acting General Secretary is instructed to produce commemorative black t-shirts with the photo on the March edition of RMT News and "Don't Mourn           Organise" and to liaise closely with the Organising Unit in order to make these events and t-shirts a success and, in line with the Wessex resolution, make this an annual event on or around the 13th June each year.

            Finally the Council of Executives recognises that organising transport workers should be a daily not an annual event and hopes that all regions/branches will use this as a springboard to enhance their ongoing organising campaigns.

Yours sincerely
M. Cash
Acting General Secretary

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