Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Our Branch, has nominated Mick Tosh in the election for the post of Wessex Regional Organiser this election has an important bearing on your union representation as, the successful candidate will play the leading role in Negotiations and Organisation for Members throughout the Wessex Region.

We recognise Mick Tosh has a proven record of representing and supporting all grades over many years. A sound knowledge of our all Members’ issues is necessary as the Wessex Regional Organiser. That’s why,we’ve nominated Mick and urge you to vote for him”

To advise that Ballot papers will be sent out to members from the 01st October 2012, if you do not receive your ballot paper please contact either myself or RMT Head Office on freephone  0800-376-3706 or e-mail: info@rmt.org.uk

Please use your vote, don’t waste it use it to elect Mick Tosh 

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