Friday, January 20, 2012

Ref: O/5/1

Circular No. MF/7/12

20th January 2012

To: All Branches and Regional Councils

Dear Colleague,

RMT & TSSA Merger

With reference to the above, the following resolution was carried at the December 2011 Statutory Meeting of the Council of Executives following a meeting between RMT and TSSA which took place on December 2nd 2011.

“That we note that a joint meeting of RMT and TSSA Executives has taken place.

The General Secretary is instructed that our negotiating team is to continue to engage in discussion with the TSSA on the possibility of a merger between our two organisations.

This Council of Executives is of the view that the time is now appropriate to discuss some fundamental items of principle.

Accordingly, our negotiating team and General Secretary in discussions with his counterpart are developed positions obtained on:

1. The annual conference/AGM as the supreme governing body of the new organisation – its defined powers and composition.

2. The role of the Executive body of the new organisation – whether it would be a management and supervisory body or whether it will be responsible for the governance of the Union between AGMs, have complete policy-making powers, control and settle trades disputes and agreements with companies and instruct and oversee the General Secretary;

3. Union officers – whether they will be elected from among the membership and subject to periodic re-election or whether they are to be appointed by the General Secretary;

4. The new organisation’s political framework.

A report from our negotiating team to be placed before the Council of Executives.

Regional Councils and Branches to be advised.”

With reference to the above, the following resolution was carried at the Council of Executives on Thursday 19th January 2012.

“That we endorse the actions of our General Secretary on this issue. We note that informal discussions have taken place with the TSSA General Secretary and our own. We call upon the TSSA to have another Executive Committee meeting with us to discuss the aspects of the proposed merger. After this meeting we instruct the General Secretary to call a meeting of all Regional Council Presidents and Secretaries to consult on where we are at present with the merger discussions. The General Secretary to send out a circular, e-mail and text to all Branches and Regional Councils with this decision.”

Yours sincerely


Bob Crow

General Secretary

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