Friday, August 12, 2011


Ref: O/5/ I

Circular No. MF/40/11

l0th  August 201 I

To: All Branches and Regional Councils

Dear Colleague,


With reference to the above, the following was placed before the Council of Executives for
consideration on Friday 5'h August.

"Discussions have taken place between myself and the General Secretary of TSSA over
proposals for both Unions to come together and merge. We are recommending to
both Executive Committees that there are two teams, RMT and TSSA respectively, and
each team should consist of four members. Obviously TSSA will pick their own team
but I recommend that the RMT team consist of the President, Senior Assistant General
Secretary and two Council of Executive members (one Shipping & Offshore, one
General Grades). lf any disagreements arise from joint discussions both myself and the
General Secretary from TSSA will become part of the committee.

I propose the following. Firstly discussions to commence on l2th August and though not
an exhaustive list of agreement the items will be as follows

  • Local Branch Structure
  • Local Representative Structure
  • Regional Structure
  • Executive Committee
  • Full Time Officials
  • Political Affiliation
  • Timetable towards full merger."

My recommendation was adopted by the Council of Executives and discussions will take
place accordingly. I will keep Branches and Regional Councils advised of all developments.


Bob Crow
General Secretary

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