Sunday, July 17, 2011

Circular No IR/288/11

To All Branches, Regional Offices & Regional Councils

Our Ref: HC/20/2

14th July 2011

Dear Colleagues


I am pleased to report that our National Catering Campaign has started off on a very positive note. We are only three days into the campaign yet over fifty new members have joined at Edinburgh Waverley, Newcastle and York. This proves once again that a well prepared campaign that involves our branches and grades conference are successful.

AGS, Pat Sikorski and Lead Officer, Brian Whitehead, along with the Org Unit and local reps are touring twenty six locations over a four week period. The essential part of our strategy is that our branches plan for monthly follow up visits to the catering outlets and workplaces. Similarly, we also need to encourage members to fill vacancies for reps as it’s our local reps who are best placed to recruit and retain.

Companies targeted were Select Service Partners, Rail Gourmet and ISS.


SSP is currently restructuring its workforce, however, it must be stressed that the RMT have consistently argued against the changes and the methods being used. Unfortunately, SSP management are imposing the changes in order to reduce their current one hundred and twenty seven different rates of pay down to four. Managers are assessing staff in their current roles. This has meant members effectively being downgraded with some losing several thousand pounds in pay per annum.

This is unacceptable to the RMT and we are encouraging any of our members who have fallen foul of an assessment, to lodge an individual grievance and contact Lead Officer, Brian Whitehead immediately. We are also looking at challenging this restructuring legally as we believe the majority of staff will suffer 'unlawful deduction of wages.'

I shall, of course, keep you fully updated on any further developments.




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