Monday, June 20, 2011

Unity House: Temporary Phone lines

Unity House: Temporary Phonelines

Due to continuing problems with RMT telephone lines, BT have provided a number of mobile phones which have been allocated to each department at Unity House.

While the main switchboard number (020 7387 4771) is diverted to an additional mobile, the switchboard will be unable to transfer calls and will provide the caller with the number for the relevant department.

The numbers are:

  • Industrial Relations...07918 778498
  • Membership...07918 778164
  • Finance...07918 674146
  • Personnel & Constitution...07918 693444
  • Press/Communications...07918 674157
  • National Policy...07918 767901
  • South East Regional Office...07918 77867
  • Private Secretary...07918 778456

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