Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Health and Safety Constituences (Retail Grades)

Hi All

To advise you all following recent e-mails that I have sent out to all regarding the above, the RMT have been in negotiations with SWT as have TSSA  to look at the Constituencies within the Retail Grades, to advise you all that the agreement has now been finalised and has been signed and agreed by the RMT Regional Organiser and that the Health and Safety Representatives will be grouped in with the respective Area Managers Area and this has been part of the Union's request for paid release to attend the Health and Safety TUC course Stage 2, and more importantly to tidy up the Health and Safety Representatives Areas and Constituencies.

Also the elected Representatives that are in office at the moment will need to be re-elected into the Vacancies that are going to be created, this is because we cannot identify what dates all RMT Health and Safety Representatives started and finished the term of office, so it has been agreed that all positions will be new Vacancies and that the Regional Organiser will be writing to all Branch Secretaries shortly advising them of the changes and seeking nominations through the respective Branches of the Grade Groups for nominees to be elected by the Branch to fill the new Vacancies , and when this is completed the Company will be advised who are the elected Health and Safety Representatives and the Union will arrange for them to attend the respective TUC Health and Safety Course.

To confirm that the existing  Health and Safety Representatives will remain in post until the closing date of the nominations which also will be added in the letter from the Regional Organiser, from then all existing H&S Representatives will stand down.

In regards the changes to the above this the 1996 Agreement Procedure 2 (Health and Safety) has also been amended to reflect the above, I will shortly e-mail you the final draft agreement of the positions/constituencies and the copy of the change to Procedure Agreement 2, which will enable you to have an idea of how many vacancies are available.

To confirm that all Guards/Fleet and Drivers Health and Safety Positions remain unchanged, and this only affects  Revenue Protection/Rail Operators/Clerical Officers/RCO's/Retail Shunters

Branch Secretaries If you can bring this to the attention of the Branch members at your respective Branch meetings , and if you require any further information on this please do not hesitate to contact me, I have sent this to all existing Health and Safety Reps that I have on e-mail.

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