Friday, May 7, 2010

Keep the Train Safe- Keep the Guard on the Train- Pat Sikorski (AGS) To attend Waterloo Campaign Meeting

To advise that a Special Branch Campaign Meeting has been arranged for the 27th May 2010 to discuss the campaign by this Union to Keep the Guard on the Train.

Special Meetings have been arranged around the Country, where Pat Sikorski (Assistant General Secretary) will be updating Guards members on this important issue where we have seen Scot Rail Train Operating Company renew the attack on the Guards and we could see more of this by more Train Opertaing Companies who have their Franchises up for renewal by 2015.

The Waterloo Campaign Meeting has been arranged and will cover all Branches from the London End which include:



Surrey Hants


This is an important meeting and hope that Guards Members from these Branches can attend and listen to the update from the AGS.

It is happening now and affects all GUARDS------Together we can stop this attack on yet another Grade Group...
Address: Hole in the Wall Public House
(5 minutes Walk From Waterloo Station Exit5 from Station)
15-30 Start

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