Friday, December 4, 2009

Battle For Waterloo (Launch)

To advise that the over 30 Activists from all over the Country met at Waterloo on the 27th November 2009 for the Launch of Battle of Waterloo for Recruitment and Retention activity, the activists covered all areas at Waterloo these included SWT/Select Service Partners/Network Rail/London Taxis

This Union has agreed to reduce the membership costs for Select Service Partners to £1.00 per week this is due to these groups of staff being on low pay and this Union wants to recruit and Organise these staff.
5 Members of the executive along with 2 Regional Organisers were involved in this activity along with Bob Crow in attendance where several photos were taken throughout the day.
Bob Crow addressed the Branch and stated how important it was to recruit and organise staff within Select Service partners so that this Union can improve their working conditions and improve their low rates of pay.
Further activity will take place in 2010 where we will arrange for teams of activists around the Waterloo Branch area, these dates to be confirmed.

Myself and Alan Potage Recruitment Co-ordinator would like to thank all for the hard work put in on the day, and we would like to put on record this is only the start of the activity we will continue this in the weeks and monthes to come.

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